Weight Loss Center

Weight Loss CenterLocal Weight Loss Center is committed to providing each patient with an exceptional level of care and attention.

We are proud to be able to help our patients with their weight loss and weight management needs to improve their overall health status, better manage medical conditions associated with being overweight and improve how patients feel about their overall physical well-being and appearance.

Our dedicated staff works together as a team to provide high-quality comprehensive care.With our years of bariatric medicine experience with proven results for our patients, we provide:

  • Medical Weight Loss
  • Weight Management
  • Dietary Programs
  • Counseling programs
  • Botox treatment

We choose only experienced and knowledgeable professional nutritionists at our weight reduction center, to help you in your goals of achieving a healthy lifestyle. We are proud to deliver a medically supervised, comprehensive and effective weight reduction program.

Our center consists of a Board Certified Physician, a Licensed Nurse and staff counselor who supervises carefully to assure you of effective and sensible weight reduction.

Our Weight Loss Center features:

  • Individualized Programs
  • Comprehensive Medical Evaluation
  • You Can Eat Real Food
  • Activity and Fitness
  • Post Treatment Maintenance Program

Our professional services,  include superior one-to-one support by our counselors, body measurements, weekly weigh-ins, behavioral guidance classes, regular body composition analyses and a regular monitoring of vital signs and general body health.

We know that every diet does not have the same effect on everyone. We develop a most effective diet program by conducting a pre-diet testing and evaluation process.

Subsequently, our medical personnel can do your blood work and administer an electrocardiogram. This is followed by a physical examination by our Licensed Physician to help guarantee a risk-free weight reduction program.

We truly strive for successful reduction in your weight. We will discuss your goals when you meet with us and learn how we may help you. Contact us now at (561) 123-1234